External consultants profile

Name:Basit Ahmady
 Profession: Consultant Western region of Afghanistan.
 Expertise: HRM, International Business Relations Management, Quality Management and Strategic Management.
Name: Jamshid Nadiri
Profession: Consultant Northern and Eastern region of Afghanistan.
Expertise: Legal issues, training in the field of HRM, Innovation in business and the logistic chain.
Name: Marco Minnes
Profession: Organic agriculture Consultant.
Expertise: Mr. Minnes is a well-known organic consultant in Agriculture field.
Mr Minnes has extensive knowledge of the flower and bulb-growing industry in general and of saffron production in particular.
Not only he grows a considerable quantity of flower bulbs in the Netherlands, but he has also been supervising and running other flower companies in different countries for many years. Mr. Minnes has a great deal of management experience in horticultural projects.