Current projects

Currently, We Consult You is working on two projects:

Organic Tomato Powder Factory The first project is the implementation of an organic tomato powder factory in Herat province, Western region of Afghanistan. Currently, We Consult You is doing field- and desk research. This unique project is cooperation between two Dutch companies including We Consult You and a local investor.The main drive for this initiative is to promote Afghan production and import substitution, to empower the local economy and to promote employment, in particular for women in Afghanistan.

Drinking water disinfection and deworming unit The second project is the introduction of drinking water disinfection and deworming unit to Afghan schools for women and to the Health Sector, in particular hospitals. 
The unit provides a unique solution by using solar energy and UV technology. This is a stand-alone unit to disinfect and deworm drinking water. It removes all biological pollution and worm eggs. And all it needs is the sun.